Guiding Pathways

When we work together, we unlock the potential of every student.

What is Guiding Pathways?

Guiding Pathways is a collaboration between institutions of higher education, local school districts and nonprofit partners, working to increase the number of students taking high-quality, dual credit courses.

Research says students who take high-quality, dual credit courses are more likely to enroll in and complete college. In other words, dual credit is the bridge between high school and college. We see Guiding Pathways as the roadmap.

We focus on bridging divides and working to create equity for all populations, ensuring that all students, regardless of race, ethnicity, or income have access to high-quality dual credit courses.

roadmap to an equitable future illustration

Vertical Alignment

Guiding Pathways has created Vertical Alignment Teams (VATs) to ensure resources to students are distributed equitably. We’ve created an implementation guide for you to learn how to do this in your district.