Unlocking Potential Together

Working with 175 partners, we are committed to utilizing data and aligning resources to create equitable systems and ensuring all young people in Bexar County are ready for the future.

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How We Do Our Work

Using a collective impact model, we bring leaders together to  design solutions for students. Each partner brings their own resources, expertise and data to make sure we look at the full picture of a student’s experience when making policies. Our policy and strategy decisions are based on shared data that’s broken down by race, ethnicity, gender, geography, and income.

Young Adults in Bexar County (5-19)
Institutional Partners
Systems Change Networks

* Network partners agree to bring a team with diverse perspectives, contribute resources and share the work being done.

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Racial equity pillars

Isolation to Voice

Too many young people are not asked to use their voice in decisions made for them. 

Punishment to Healing

Too many young people are caught up in the justice system or held back because of punitive disciplinary practices that cut them off from future success. 

Disconnection to Access

Too many young people are disconnected from school and work and not on a path to success. 

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Talent is Equally Distributed but Opportunity is Not

In Bexar County, our young people’s futures are being shaped by where they live, how much money their parents make, and what category of race or ethnicity they fall into. Our data sheds light on that disparity so that we can work as a partnership to enact policy change that moves us closer to a future in which opportunity is equitably distributed.

Young People Speak, We listen

UP Partnership is committed to incorporating youth voice into our work. Whether through network Our Tomorrow, or surveying young people, we know it’s important to make decisions with young people, not for them.
"Youth have to be at the forefront -- not just sitting in the room, but actually making change."
Melanie Harrell
Young Women's Leadership Academy Student
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