My Brother’s Keeper San Antonio

Increasing postsecondary attainment for boys and young men of color.

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Our Mission

We are removing systemic barriers to safety, education and career success, ensuring that boys and young men of color have a path to postsecondary success.

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How We Do Our Work

At MBKSA, our partners are committed to improving the lives of boys and young men of color by changing ineffective systems through shifts in resources, power, practices and policies.

MBKSA is made up of more than 30 cross-sector partners working to increase postsecondary achievement for boys and young men of color.

Our Focus Areas

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Reducing punitive school discipline practices and policies through whole-school restorative justice.

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Building bridges across postsecondary mentoring programs and giving young men access to mentors who look like them.

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Giving justice-involved young people a connection to school or work opportunities to ensure a pathway to success.

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By The Numbers:

While 90-95% of boys and young men of color graduate high school, MBKSA focuses on ensuring they are ready for and get through college.

of the young men who attended MBKSA’s 2020 Youth Summit found the event helpful in planning for life after college
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of total hours dedicated by network partners in 2019-2020
of community members who have participated in a Healing Justice film screening have committed to taking action
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Our Work Groups and Strategies

Restorative Justice 

Members of the restorative justice work group focus on eliminating exclusionary practices across their campuses, district and community. Partners have committed to the Rethinking Discipline Community of Practice (RDCP), a group that is adopting and scaling whole school restorative justice across three school districts.

Postsecondary success

Members of the postsecondary success work group focus on increasing ways to and through college for young men of color. They do this by using a near-peer mentorship model, aligning K-12 and higher ed efforts countywide to provide mentors who are close in age to high schoolers. Additionally, the group works to increase diversity in all professions, but especially in the education system, by increasing the number of young men of color who are on a postsecondary path.

Justice-Involved Young People 

Partners are committed to connecting young people to the resources they need to finish school or college and/or get back on track with a second-chance job.

MBKSA History

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Why We Exist

In September 2014, President Barack Obama called on local communities through the My Brother’s Keeper Challenge to work together to close opportunity gaps boys and young men of color, including Hispanic, African American, Native American and Asian American, still face.

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Local History

2014: The City of San Antonio accepts the Obama Administration call to action.

2016: In partnership with P16 Plus Council of Greater Bexar County (now UP Partnership), the City of San Antonio launches an action plan.

2018: UP Partnership renewed its charter status with the Obama Foundation for My Brothers Keeper San Antonio.

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