Our Mission

Excel Beyond the Bell uses data to advocate for increased access to first-rate developmental programs. When we see something works for one part of the city, we think it’s critical to expand that throughout San Antonio so every child has access to high-quality programs.

Our Core Beliefs

Excel Beyond the Bell San Antonio began in 2012 as a professional network to develop and ensure standards for five-star youth development programs and to ensure young people in Bexar County have access to the developmental relationships they need to succeed.

Data provided to the network from local school districts helps all partners better understand young people in their organizations and it empowers youth development leaders to not just anecdotally know why developmental relationships are important — it provides them with evidence on which to base organizational decisions.

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Partners Within The Network Commit to:

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Share data to identify “service deserts” and continuously improve access and quality of programs

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Integrate developmental assets and relationships into their programming.

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Expand access to developmental assets and relationships in youth development programs throughout San Antonio.

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Support each other by collaborating and sharing resources.

By The Numbers:

For every $1 spent in youth development programming, the community generates $3

youth served in 48 out-of-school-time partners’ programs
0 %
school attendance vs. 65% of students who aren’t part of a youth development program
data sharing agreements with school districts
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of students in Excel partner programs pass Algebra II vs. 68% of counterparts
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Where We Focus

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Maximizing youth development

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Expanding access to developmental relationships citywide

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Advocating for San Antonio to become a developmental city

"Having a better framework for social-emotional learning goals and better data collection helped improve quality of services."
Kimberlin Sansone
Project Transformation, an Excel Beyond the Bell Partner

Apply to Excel Academy

Create a city where every young person has access to the relationships and emotional support they need

Be part of a 10-month cohort of youth development professionals like you, committed to Developmental Relationships and Adaptive Leadership

Acquire the capacity, tools and resources you need to integrate and practice Developmental Relationships as part of your Social Emotional Learning framework

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