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Led by youth for youth, building power to drive policy change.

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Our Mission

Our Tomorrow is helping young people find their voices and build their futures. We connect young people from across the city and train them as researchers and policy advocates while helping to foster the leaders of tomorrow, today. Working with school districts and local government leaders, we help adults understand the importance of giving young people a seat at the table.

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Our Core Beliefs

Our Tomorrow seeks to connect with young people who have historically been left out of decision-making processes.

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We believe in making decisions with young people, not for young people.

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We believe youth voice and agency should be inclusive and reflect the demographics of our city.

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We believe inter-generational leadership is the foundation for effective policy and decision-making at youth-serving institutions.

We have created a youth-driven agenda from middle and high school students. Who is working to increase mental health access and sexual education and end the school to prison pipeline. Today, these youth are working closely with mentors, learning how to research issues, and becoming advocates for policy changes that impact their lives.

"I learned not just how to talk about ideas, but how to put them into action. It’s not just about what we can do in high school, but to enrich our entire city. Our Tomorrow helps us have those conversations with leaders — and they’re listening."
Lola Sanchez
17 years old

Where We Focus

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Aligning Pathways

We do this by acting as a connector among the many agencies and nonprofits working in Bexar County to empower local youth.

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Coordinating Data

We share data within our network of partners to help young people advocate for themselves.

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Advocating Policy Change

We promote policy changes that contribute to unlocking the full potential of our young people.

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