Equitable Recovery

Sign the pledge to make a commitment to an equitable COVID-19 recovery.

What is the Equitable Recovery Pledge?

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted many inequities in our community. To ensure that everyone — including students of color, low-income students, and students who are marginalized because of their citizenship, justice system, foster care, and/or housing status and their families — can recover well, we must all place equity at the center of our actions and decision making. That’s why our Board of Directors has unanimously committed to advancing an Equitable Recovery Pledge.

Will you join these education, philanthropic, and business executives in their commitment to equity? Together, we can use our shared strength and leadership to make sure COVID-19 does not defeat our community.

I Pledge to:

Create space at my institution to hear from students, families and community leaders and share those findings with other system leaders through UP Partnership.

Educate others at my institution about the inequitable effects of COVID-19 and secure their buy-in to make demonstrable changes that reduce inequities at my institution.

Share resources, ideas, and insights with other Bexar County leaders and organizations who are actively working towards an equitable recovery.

Promote the Equitable Recovery Pledge with other education, community, and business leaders across Bexar County.


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