Equitable Enrollment Collaborative

Join Excel Academy to:

Build a city where every young person has access to the relationships and emotional support they need.

Be part of a multi year cohort of youth serving professionals committed to Developmental Relationships and Racial Equity.

Acquire tools and resources to deepen your understanding of Racial Equity and integrate Developmental Assets and Relationships into your SEL framework.

Learn the Results Count Framework to support continuous improvement implementation planning for your organization.

Responsibility of the Equitable Enrollment Collaborative

Responsible for scaling the Access portion of the Future Ready Bexar County Plan, the Equitable Enrollment Collaborative or EEC is a space for school districts, colleges and universities and community based organizations working together to increase access to postsecondary opportunities for the young people of Bexar County. The group relies on innovative thinking, collective action and the power of strong relationships between its members to move its work forward.

Program Structure:

Each organization can nominate one or two participants per class. The best combination of participants are individuals who has consistent presence with frontline staff and an individual who is in an organizational leadership position.

In the first half of year 1, participants will deepen their own understanding of Developmental Relationships and Racial Equity. In the second half of year 1, participants will work together in organization pairs to learn the continuous improvement process, Results Count and use this knowledge to craft an organizational plan.

By the end of year 1, the participants will have created a plan for implementing their learnings on Developmental Relationships, Racial Equity, and Results Count within their organization.