Citywide Planning

For a Future Ready Bexar County

Our Vision

To grow our shared ability to end racial and ethnic inequities impacting our children and youth through clear and stackable metrics, aligned contributions, commmunication, a shared data architecture and aligned funding.

What is the Future Ready Plan?

Together with partners, our board of directors, community leaders and the National Resource Network, we will establish shared priorities, vision and metrics for our community’s future readiness. In 2020, our board of directors and partners signed the UP Partnership Equitable Recovery Pledge, which challenged institution leaders to keep equity at the center of decision-making as they tackled the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. With this process, we are moving from pledge to plan.

The plan’s focus

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Isolation to Voice

Far too many young people are not asked to use their voice in decisions made for them.

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Punishment to Healing

Far too many young people are caught up in the justice system or held back because of punitive disciplinary practices that cut them off from future success. 

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Disconnnection to Access

Far too many young people are disconnected from school and work and not on a path to success they deserve. 

UP Partnership’s ultimate goal is to ensure all young people in Bexar County are ready for the future no matter their race, ethnicity, income or zip code. We do this through our four collaborative action networks that all focus on one or more of our three racial equity pillars. 

Citywide Planning Timeline

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Phase 1: Listening Workshops

April-June 2021
• Board of Directors • Network Partners • Youth and families • Other community leaders • One-on-one institutional interviews with select partners

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Phase 2: Culmination Workshops

July-September 2021
• Mixed group of stakeholders

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Phase 3: Implementation

October-December 2021
• UP Partnership supports implementation to clarify individual institutional roles

"Having a better framework for social-emotional learning goals and better data collection helped improve quality of services."
Kimberlin Sansone
Project Transformation, an Excel Beyond the Bell Partner

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