Restorative Practices Collaborative

A different approach to discipline

Our Mission

The Restorative Practices Collaborative (RPC) builds formal and actionable strategies for increasing our local students’ success by preventing situations that could become destructive; impacting behavior and learning.

Our Core Beliefs

RPC’s purpose is to provide a tailored space where professionals from across Bexar county can convene to build formal and actionable strategies that change systems to scale restorative Justice Practices in classrooms. Through consistent structures and processes, participating institutions forge connections within their own institutions to create and enhance comprehensive planning for improving student social emotional readiness, attendance, school connectedness, and the dismantling of disciplinary systems that disproportionately target boys and young men of color.

The way the training takes place is through a “train the trainer” model in which three campus leads go through the program. After meeting certain requirements such as providing professional development on the topics of restorative practices to their campus, they receive a stipend.

“I’ve noticed when I did restorative justice circles on Fridays before a test, my students were a lot calmer during the test. This in turn helped their grade, and it also set the tone for the day. They were talking to each other nicely, working together throughout the day, and arguing less,”
restorative justice champion

Campuses that are restorative practices champions include:

  • Bexar County Juvenile Probation

  • Communities In Schools —

    • Central Office staff, NXT LEVEL Youth Opportunity Center

    • Field Managers at East Central ISD, Judson ISD and Northside ISD

  • District Leaders

    • East Central ISD

    • San Antonio ISD

  • East Central ISD

    • Pecan Valley Elementary

    • Restorative Transitional Center

  • Harlandale ISD

    • Bellaire Elementary

    • Columbia Heights Elementary

    • Frank Tejeda Academy

    • Harlandale Alternative Center

  • Judson ISD

    • Candlewood Elementary

    • Esconidido Elementary

    • Franz Elementary

    • Hopkins Elementary

    • Kirby Middle School

    • Masters Elementary

    • Metzger Middle School

    • Millers Point Elementary

    • Olympia Elementary

    • Park Village Elementary

    • Paschall Elementary

    • Wagner High School

    • Woodlake Elementary

  • San Antonio ISD

    • Bonham Academy

    • Burbank High School

    • Davis Middle School

    • Estada Achievement Center

    • Harris Middle School

    • Highlands High School

    • Hotwells Middle School

    • Jefferson High School

    • Lanier High School

    • Poe Middle School

    • Rhodes Middle School

    • Rogers Middle School

    • San Houston High School

    • Tafolla Middle School

    • Young Men’s Leadership Academy