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Four ways young people can improve their relational skills

Throughout life, everyone will have different relationships varying from siblings, parents, friends and partners. Relationships take a lot of work to maintain, so below are a few ways to help you better your relationships.

For all relationships, it is important to be honest. In romantic love, it can be scary to admit how you feel or what you really want early on. You don’t want to waste your time in a relationship if it won’t go anywhere. It is best to be honest about your opinions, beliefs, and expectations for your relationship. Do not ever settle for less than what you deserve.

With community, it is important to admit to your siblings, friends, or even your neighbors how you truly feel. If you don’t express how you feel, it will just fester inside of you. Leaving it be sometimes feels like the high road, but the only one getting hurt is you. Express how you feel in a calm way and let your words be heard.

For parental love, it is vital to be transparent. Sometimes our parents can be aggressive towards us with expectations, grades, and even discipline. Without communicating how they hurt you, they may continue to do so unknowingly. You have to advocate for yourself. Be honest with your parents at some point with your sexuality. Although it is frightening, believe me, you shouldn’t have to deny a part of your identity. My parents were able to accept me as I am now, but it took time and uncomfortable conversations.

The very last thing I want to talk to you about is your relationship with yourself. Look in the mirror, be completely honest, and ask yourself, “Have I been loving my body, personality, or myself to the fullest?” If not, you need to begin your journey of self-love. First, the most important thing is to change your negative self-talk with positivity. Although this takes some practice, you will begin to see your mood boost. Next, you should pamper yourself in whichever way makes you feel better. This can be a skincare routine, self-date, a walk, or even buying something you really wanted. Whatever it may be, it should be a way of showing appreciation towards yourself. Over time, you will love yourself endlessly from the stomach rolls to the tears.

Relationship types can vary but improving them is part of the process. Practice being honest and loving yourself one day at a time.

Trinity, Alyssa, Shradha

Editor’s Note

The idea of youth voice takes on many forms, including sharing experiences and ideas with policy makers, which many of the young people of Our Tomorrow have done. 

However, young people’s experiences and ideas are abundant, and we at Our Tomorrow and UP Partnership wanted to create a space for them to share their thoughts on current issues they face around mental wellness. This is a series of blogs that we will share monthly that highlight these experiences, thoughts and opinions. Thank you to The Center for Young Minds and The Ecumenical Center for partnering with us for this initiative.

These thoughts and opinions do not expressly represent the thoughts of UP Partnership, its leadership team or board of directors.