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UP Partnership is thankful to our funders who allow us to do the vital work in our community

At UP Partnership, we do the vital work of ensuring that all young people in Bexar County are ready for the future. Our Future Ready Bexar County Plan serves as the framework to reach the community’s collective North Star — to increase the percentage of Bexar County’s High School graduates enrolling in postsecondary degrees or credential programs to 70% by 2030. In Bexar County, that number is currently around 50%. To reach this goal, our work focuses on the equity pillars of Healing, Access and Voice – the must HAVEs for Equity amongst Bexar County’s young people.

We do this work with the 71 community partners, across seven sectors, who have signed on the Future Ready Bexar County Plan. However, we cannot do our work as a backbone – serving as the lead convener and providing space for collaboration and centralized support for items such as cohesive data collection, communications messaging and policy that advance our work – without the generosity of those that fund our work. These funders include:

  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Blue Meridian Partners
  • Charles Butt Foundation
  • City of San Antonio’s Department of Human Services
    Educate Texas, a public-private initiative of Communities Foundation of Texas
  • Corporate Partners for Racial Equity
  • National Post-Secondary Institute
  • San Antonio Area Foundation
  • StriveTogether
  • USAA
  • 3M
  • Enterprise Holdings Foundation

As we take time this week to give thanks for what we have in our lives, we at UP Partnership would like to say thank you to those who understand the importance of the work we do. The Future Ready plan and the success of Bexar County’s young people relies on the generous support of partners like you, and we’re grateful to you for making this future possible.