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Through interviews and storytelling, young people have the opportunity to share their thoughts and concerns with community leaders and each other through this newly-launched podcast partnership with Say Si. 

Gain Skills Through Digital Badging

A badge is an online representation of a skill or accomplishment. You can earn badges through our online platform at www.futurereadysa.org through your school, club or organization — or even on your own! When you earn a badge, share your accomplishments through social media and the platform itself.

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Our Young People’s Stories

How young people can improve relational skills

Four ways young people can improve their relational skills Throughout life, everyone will have different relationships varying from siblings, parents, friends and partners. Relationships take a lot of work to
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How to prioritize your mental wellness during the pandemic​

How to prioritize your mental wellness during the pandemic When COVID-19 first broke out, it seemed as though the entire world had turned upside down. Everything we did before the
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Eight ways to cope with grudges

Eight ways to cope with grudges It is part of human nature to hold grudges. The reasons behind grudges can be because of misunderstandings and assumptions, unrealistic expectations, feeling left
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Breaking down intergenerational and cultural stigmas on mental health

Breaking down intergenerational and cultural stigmas on mental health Intergenerational and cultural stigmas on mental health create a large barrier to accessing behavioral healthcare among today’s youth. Intergenerational trauma is
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How Our Tomorrow made an impact on me

By Giovanna Lopez-Tristan
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What my experience at Our Tomorrow taught me

By Lola Sanchez
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Autism in a global pandemic

By Kayla Upton
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Why the issue of immigration matters to me

By Abril Arriaga
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Implementing policies to eliminate the wealth gap is crucial

By Ernesto Gomez
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Fighting voter suppression in communities of color

By Magoli Garcia
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Ending Police Brutality Isn’t Political

By Leslie Carrillo
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Why Youth Voice Matters

By Fatimah Rasul
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