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Led by youth for youth, building power to drive policy change.

Youth Grant Committee Application

High school students are invited to apply to be part of the Our Tomorrow Youth Grant Committee. This paid opportunity gives young people a chance to turn their ideas into action while gaining real-world experience in grant-making and philanthropy.

2021 Policy Institute

From July 19-24, Our Tomorrow will hold its third annual youth-led Policy Institute to empower and educate young people who have a desire to change the local landscape of youth voice and shared power. Young people will earn $25 to attend. 


Through interviews and storytelling, young people have the opportunity to share their thoughts and concerns with community leaders and each other through this newly-launched podcast partnership with Say Si. 

Gain Skills Through Digital Badging

A badge is an online representation of a skill or accomplishment. You can earn badges through our online platform at www.futurereadysa.org through your school, club or organization — or even on your own! When you earn a badge, share your accomplishments through social media and the platform itself.

College Readiness Resources:

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